Welcome to Realkey Metal Works Qingdao Ltd. Qingdao Realkey Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in production and logistics automation system engineering. Integrating the full activities of R&D, manufacture, installation, commission, and after-sale-service, Realkey provides our customers from initial concept to large projects implementation, to help them achieve a full range of production and logistics automation solutions. More>>

• Precision sheet metal fabrication
• Metal Fabrication for steel,
 stainless steel, aluminum, copper,
•  Laser cutting, flame cutting, CNC
 turret punching
• CNC press brake forming, punching
 and stamping
• CNC Machining, lathing, milling,
 planning and grinding
• TIG/MIG welding and finishing
• Zinc phosphating, Zinc-calcium
 phosphating, Mn phosphating,
 painting, plating, powder coating,
• OEM/ODM, manufacture and design
 for structural parts, enclosures,
 chassis, trays, cabinets, rollers
Roller conveyors, belt conveyors,
 telescopic belt conveyors,
 logistics and material handling
 equipment manufacturing

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