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Qingdao Realkey Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in production and logistics automation system engineering. Integrating the full activities of R&D, manufacture, installation, commission, and after-sale-service, Realkey provides our customers from initial concept to large projects implementation, to help them achieve a full range of production and logistics automation solutions. Our main products include various conveyors, vehicle loading facilities, auto lifting system, sorting system, storage facilities, as well as the overall program of production line and logistics system planning and consulting for industries.

Realkey has a number of outstanding technical professionals, and has been working with a couple of well-known research institutions and professional firms in our field. Equipped with production facilities as laser cuttings, CNC press brakes, CNC machining centers, and the powder coating line, etc., Realkey has very strong manufacturing capabilities. From machining of individual metal parts to final assembly, Realkey can complete one-stop production internally.

Realkey is committed to serving our customers with excellent production lines and logistics automation systems in high quality, short lead-time and cost competitive manufactures, and the best services as well.

We look forward to working with you.


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